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The 3 step rewind method
A gentle way to lift difficult feelings

How do you feel about your pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding experience? Was it a positive time for you, or do you have feelings of sadness, anger, even despair or trauma every time you think about it?

I'm here to tell you: There Is Nothing Wrong With You.


Your subconscious has been and still is working to protect you. You are not broken.


However, if you’d like to regain a sense of choice over how feel about your experience, perhaps 3 step rewind is for you.

The 3 step rewind method is a gentle and safe way to help you change the way your mind has processed your experience. It won’t take the memory away, or remove any of the wisdom and insight you’ve gained from the experience, but will help you to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms triggered by it, simply by changing the way your subconscious processes it.

I have recently trained in 3 step rewind with Mark Harris, and as I build my practice am offering half price sessions to the first 6 people who contact me.

The process involves:

  • x3 one-hour sessions via zoom. It’s helpful if these sessions are quiet and undisturbed. These sessions can be in the evening or weekends to work around children and other commitments.

  • I will guide you through a relaxation over the course of the 3 sessions and once you’re feeling safe and comfortable, I will ask you to think about your experience, in a way that ensures no re-traumatisation.

  • You don’t have to tell me about your experience if you don’t want to. The process will work just as well

  • If you don’t feel comfortable, we can stop any time.

By the end of the third session, you will feel lighter and have gained a sense of freedom from your challenging experience.

This doesn’t just work with birth trauma; it can be used over any uncontrollable emotional response (including phobias) you’d like to have choice over and freedom from.

Please get in touch to find out more.