The Good Birth Group

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We are Laura Scarlett, Charlie Edun and Ruth Pay and together we form

The Good Birth Group.

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We are birth and postnatal doulas, hypnobirthing instructors, breastfeeding councellors in training, mindful breastfeeding supporters and 3 step rewind practitioners, with specialist training in biomechanics for birth, rebozo techniques, postnatal recovery including motherwarming, waterbirth and aromatherapy, to name but a few.

Between us we have 7 children of our own (some born at home, some after induction, some by caesarean), and over 13yrs experience working with women during pregnancy, birth and post-natally. We have attended in excess of 80 births: at home, in birth centres, in maternity units and in theatre. ⁠We have 600+ hours of postnatal experience and have worked with countless women, parents to be and couples to help them prepare for their birth and early parenting experience.

We know that birth is a normal human experience. ⁠
And that it can be unpredictable. ⁠
And that you should be the centre of everything that happens. ⁠
And that coping strategies really help. ⁠
And that knowing how to navigate the systems is important too. ⁠

We have a specialist interest in creating realistic birth plans, that work within the NHS system, the nature of choice in the birth room (Charlie is even writing an MA on the subject!) and how to create a smooth, calm start to early parenthood.

We run monthly workshops for members of our community that are ABSOLUTELY FREE and are currently designing your complete birth and postnatal preparation course, which will be available in late Spring 2021.