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Birth Doula Reviews

"Oh what would I do without Laura!! 

Laura is an AMAZING doula and we formed an instant bond in the very first meeting. Her positive energy and warmth lights up our day! She was my champion, support, friend and confidante through a tough pregnancy. She is the reason I got the birth I wanted - a natural, calm and perfect birth. Laura's ability to work alongside you, inspire you, support you without being too intrusive , and ability to provide evidence based research on the zillion decisions to be made around pregnancy and birth make her very special. 

It was a natural progression to have her support postnatally also. Her presence and support, with everything from chores around the house, calming our baby, teaching us to be confident, intuitive first-time parents. She has been a bright shining light in the days and weeks of the whirlwind post birth.


Laura has been my rock through the rollercoaster ride post birth, and I couldn't have been more blessed to have crossed paths with her. This is by far the best decision I made around my pregnancy and birth. I highly recommend Laura! You will not regret it!"  - Shriya, first time mum, Bromley


"I knew as soon as I met Laura I wanted her at the birth. She has an amazing calm and friendly way about her, and put me at ease immediately.


In the lead up to the birth she was a great source of knowledge, suggesting and researching anything I queried or wanted more information on. She calmed any concerns I had, reminding me of my options and empowering me to make informed decisions based on evidence not fear. Any options I wanted to know about such as placenta encapsulation, home birth, reflexology etc, she researched and sent me options and details saving me having to do it. She continually checked in with me and went above and beyond to make sure I was ok.


She protected my birth space during the birth and ensured my wishes were upheld. She was a quiet and strengthening support during labour, using rebozo and other gentle techniques to get baby in an optimal position, massaging my back, offering water, moving me to a quieter space when she saw I was stalling because of distractions, even capturing the first time my girls met their brother on video (which I will treasure forever) and probably doing a million other things I didn’t see or realise at the time.

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She was my sounding board, full of advice, researched evidence for balanced decisions, level headedness and friendship, and went above and beyond in the lead up to the birth.


If there’s one piece of advice I’d give every first time mum (and second third etc) it’s get a doula like Laura. It makes such a world of difference to your experience of birth and is such a positive influence it’ll be something you never ever regret." Erin F, third time mum, Bromley


"I would 100% recommend Laura for your birth. After suffering anxiety during my pregnancy related to my experiences during my first labour, the birth of my second baby was a completely different experience and I feel so positively about it, which is in large thanks to Laura & her kind, knowledgeable & non judgemental support.

My second delivery was an emergency c section, and although definitely not the plan, was still the controlled and calm birth I was hoping for. Laura was with me in theatre and it felt like I had a good friend on my side.

Laura, thanks so much for being an amazing doula. You truly made my second delivery a positive and empowering experience. It probably wasn’t the delivery anyone expected, but my feelings are so different to the first time round. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you." Jo W, second-time mum, South London

"Every birthing women and her partner should have a doula ! We were incredibly lucky to find Laura, who after our first meeting felt like we had known for years. Laura’s calm and friendly presence, as well as her endless advice helped both my husband and I prepare for and trust the birthing process.


Laura talked us through our birthing worries, fears and any preconceptions that we had around birth. Providing some fantastic resources and extra research. She also helped me understand that I have a choice in my birthing process and the decisions that were being made about my care. This allowed me to ask more questions, make informed decisions and feel completely comfortable with what was happening both prior to and during labour.

During my labour, Laura was exactly what we needed her to be and more. A sounding board, midwife translator and birth supporter. She arrived with everything we needed (as our labour bags were still in the car) and created a safe and warm environment for our little one to arrive into. Her massage techniques through surges were incredible. She helped my husband understand what was going on, especially while the midwives spoke between themselves and also ensured that she checked in with me around all decisions that were being made.

Following our daughter’s arrival, she stayed with us to ensure breastfeeding was working, while also ensuring that we had alone time as a family while we did skin to skin. In the following days she provided us with wonderful advice and popped over to help out and check on us, which is especially amazing for us sleep deprived new parents.

Having Laura as our doula was the best decisions we made around our birth and pregnancy. My husband Mitch and I are incredibly grateful to her for helping us achieve a birth that we truly wanted. She is an asset to any labour and we couldn’t recommend her more." - Gillian F, first time mum, Bromley

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"Having Laura as our doula meant the world to both me and my husband.


She not only helped me stay calm, reasoned and excited whilst we were waiting (and waiting!) for our little one to arrive but she crucially helped to both empower us to make our own decisions and be an incredibly nurturing physical presence, that led us to the most magical and strengthening birth experience of our 3rd baby.


I haven’t had any baby blues this time around and give enormous credit for that to all that Laura did for us. Thank you Laura, I will sing about you from the rooftops!" 

- Vanessa, third time mum, Uckfield


"I wasn’t sure we needed a doula, but it’s proved invaluable. In the run up to our son being born it was of great support to us to have someone knowledgeable and caring at the other end of the phone.


During the birth, with a midwife who was not very communicative, it meant there was someone who we knew, who was constantly working with my wife to make things more comfortable and to ease the process along. After the birth it became even more useful as it meant having someone to share the early stages, and the subsequent complications with. Even having a debrief was a really helpful part of the process.

Laura is brilliant. Her energy, passion and empathy has brought us so much during a stressful but joyous time.

I am SO glad we had a Doula and I feel very lucky we had Laura." - Chris H, First time Dad, South London

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"Hiring Laura was probably the best decision we made in the run up to our second son’s birth.

I had a traumatic first birth and felt completely overwhelmed by the thought of doing it again having had my wishes totally disregarded and a procedure undertaken without proper consent.

Laura took the time to really help us explore all our options with regards to this birth. She provided a wealth of knowledgeable advice ranging from an elective section to a water birth and anything in between. She sensitively helped guide us through the bits we found difficult to address and was always on hand for reassurance and information. As a woman with a high risk pregnancy considering a VBAC this was very reassuring. 

Laura supported us during my labour and we ended up with an amazing water birth. A truly inspiring experience. Laura was on hand throughout offering encouragement and gentle advice on positions or pressure points that made me a little more comfortable. She has a very calm and encouraging air about her which we both found invaluable. Laura was also great at knowing when to give us some space as a couple.

My tens machine broke when we got to hospital but I found Laura’s massage techniques just as helpful until I got in the pool and used gas and air. 

Laura - thank you so much for your support! It was a real blessing to have you with us to experience this life changing event. You’re a star and I can not recommend you highly enough. Xx" - Muna, second time mum, South London

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"Laura was truly amazing and such an asset to us achieving the kind of birth we really wanted. She gave me so much confidence to trust the labour process and supported not only my wife but me as well.


At first when my wife mentioned having a doula I was unsure of how this would impact my role in the birth. I had nothing to be worried about as Laura made sure she didn't get in between my wife and I during the special moments in the birth and I felt empowered having her next to me helping me understand what was going on and interpreting what the midwives were saying. This allowed me to remain calm and focused solely on supporting my wife.


Laura and I worked well as a team and I highly recommend her to any new dads to be. Thank you Laura for being so incredible!!" - Mitch, first time Dad, Bromley


"We were a bit sceptical about having a doula at the start but decided to meet with Laura none the less to find out a bit more about how she could help us during the birth as we'd read a lot of positive things about doulas. From the moment we met her we knew we wanted her there. 

Not only did she prepare us for the birth but Laura also offered invaluable support throughout the pregnancy and was able to provide us with answers and advice from reliable sources and experts to all of our questions or concerns. She really helped to make us feel informed about everything we were doing and supported us in all our choices, giving advice and guidance that best suited our situation and wishes.

Above all else though we could not have been happier to have Laura as our birth partner. She truly allowed us to have the birth experience we wanted, by supporting both of us so that we could focus on each other and the birth of our baby. Laura brought with her skills and techniques that helped with pain relief, helped shift baby when we needed him to and aided in making the process more comfortable and stress free. Having her there allowed dad to rest when he needed to and meant that he was able to fully focus on mum while Laura made sure that both of us stayed hydrated and were eating. She cared for us and supported us in such a personal way on one of the hardest days of our lives and we can't really picture how we would have gotten through it without her.


If we ever do this again, she'll be the first person we call." - Gina, first time mum, Horsham

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"After a pretty traumatic birth of our first, we decided on a Doula. Instantly liked Laura, naturally we clicked. She made the journey towards our second birth a more positive and chilled one. What I loved was she went with whatever we wanted, didn’t push for anything, just always offering advice and tips (especially when I was again “overdue”). 

At the birth she was instrumental to me getting through it! All the small touches that were actually huge to me and things I would have never have thought of. That back massage and cold flannel 👍🏻👍🏻

We managed to have the birth we wanted, my husband also had some support as I went o theatre afterwards and even shared some jokes in the labour room! Hope we keep in touch." - Jo A, second time mum, South London

“Laura supported us during birth of our second son. We were lucky to have an amazing home birth! Having Laura’s support before and at the labor made the whole experience very positive and less scary. She gave me the confidence whenever I felt I needed it. She was always very professional, non-judgmental, full of great ideas but most of all she has this aura of a very good friend that creates an immediate sense of trust. I feel very grateful for all that she has done for us!” Kasia M, second time mum, West Kent

"Having Laura as my doula helped me ease off my anxiety before labor. She also gave me the confidence to make decisions that I initially hesitated about, by just talking to her and allowing me to explore my own desires and wishes. It was lovely to have someone like Laura whom I could call or text and knowing she would listen to my worries and wouldn’t just brush it off as not important." - K&D

“Can I just say, on behalf of the three of us, the biggest thank you for your support during my birth. You were amazing. The support you gave me and my husband was more than we could ever have hoped for. One of the first things C said to me after you left is how great you were, as you supporting us both made a big difference to him too. I'm so happy that we shared my birth experience with you. There’s no doubt in my head that you made my birth so much better and truly helped me get mentally and physically prepared. I'm struggling for words to express my gratitude - so I'll keep it pure. THANK YOU." Fran L, first time mum, West Kent

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"Laura was a wonderful birth doula, supporting me and my husband in the run up to our son’s arrival and during labour itself. From supportive messages throughout my pregnancy, to a detailed antenatal session discussing our birth plans, Laura was always kind, honest and well informed giving me the confidence to see giving birth in a positive light. During a tricky labour she was a constant, hands on, supportive presence in the room. I’m so glad we chose to hire a doula, and Laura was brilliant - we couldn’t have done it without her!" - Emily B, South London

"I knew I wanted the support of a doula with my first baby, who was born on 29/9/2019 at Pembury. Laura helped me gain confidence through my pregnancy, and was on hand to help me and my husband make informed decisions all the way along. My labour took many twists and turns and was far from what I had 'planned' - however with the support of Laura as our doula there was no moment where we didn't feel empowered to make conscious decisions and our baby girl came earthside safe and sound.


The support didn't stop there though, Laura has been absolutely incredible post partum - especially when I have had to make some tough decisions for my own wellbeing, helping me constantly make informed choices to enable me to be the best Mum I can be to my little girl - and also to be in the best mental and emotional state as I transition into motherhood. I am so grateful that Laura was able to be our doula, and I am also so grateful to have made a wonderful friend." - Lauren, First Time Mum, Sevenoaks

"Having never heard of a “Doula” and what exactly their role was, I was intrigued how Laura could benefit my wife Lauren and especially me, regarding my role as a supportive husband and as Dad to be. It was quickly apparent that Laura was going to be a huge integral part of my process in becoming a Dad.


Laura gave me the support and confidence all the way through from our first meeting, to the birth of my our baby girl. She gave me clear choices, backed up with knowledgeable information to make the best decision possible for all the situations that arose throughout every stage of birth, especially so during the labour stage, which threw us all some very challenging situations… Laura was always extremely professional, even answering calls at 3am! all of this wrapped up with a smile and a beautiful soul, I can not thank her enough x" - Will, first time Dad, Sevenoaks

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Postnatal Doula Reviews

"I had a difficult pregnancy (gestation diabetes etc) and coming home after the birth with new baby in hand took a toll on us emotionally. Right from day 1, Laura was there to support us through it all - she made our day instantly brighter.  Laura has been our biggest champion - I feel like she is my support partner, my sister, my friend, my go-to to ask for information, my sounding board, and so much more.


When I was struggling with the hormones, lack of sleep and the new role as a new mum, she had her own way to helping me feel better - she is supportive and encouraging, reassuring both of us that we were doing a great job as parents, Sometimes as new parents all we need to hear is that we are doing a good job.


We had a zillion questions and anxieties about baby’s wellbeing – from jaundice to birth weight questions. Laura was always on point with the latest research, pointing us to resources and information, allaying our fears (in a very unobtrusive and supportive way).

Laura is the sole reason I have learnt to breastfeed. I struggled with in the early days, and was very distressed at not being able to make it work. Laura was patient and supportive and helped me physically work the logistics of getting my baby latched on. She helped me persevere with it and suggested ways I could BF lying down – a position that has worked so well for both baby and me. She also helped find us an amazing lactation consultant which helped with all our questions around BF and put to rest many of our anxieties around it. I would have given up on BF had it not been for Laura.


As I was struggling with the soreness and emotions, Laura’s thoughtfulness and kindness did not go unnoticed. One example (of many many such examples) is her getting some bath salts for me and suggesting I spend time in the bath. Oh it was such a release to soak in a warm healing bath. I cried tears of relief, of sheer emotion of letting go. And Laura was here right through it all, allowing me to be me. I will forever be grateful for her kindness.


With our baby, Laura has a magic touch and special bond. Our baby is so so calm and happy on days when Laura visits us. She has helped calm our baby during meltdowns, helped get her to sleep, held her, swaddled her, taken care of her with so much love and affection, I don’t think it is any different from a family member taking care of our baby.

One of the biggest ‘value adds’ of having Laura has been the support she has provided my husband. He is a very risk averse and anxious person who is a worrier and she has been critical to helping him enjoy parenthood and slowly trust his instincts. He trusts Laura- he shares his concerns about baby , and she is always there to reassure him and where needed provide the relevant research to help him through it. For someone who initially questioned what a doula could bring, he is the biggest convert!!

Laura has gone above and beyond anything we ever imagined from a doula.  presence and support both antenatally, during birth and postnatally has added so much value to us and our experience. I have grown into the new role as a Mum (and same for my husband as a Dad). We were up on our feet much much sooner (in 1 week) because we had Laura for support. She has made a real difference to our wellbeing and confidence as parents. We love her!" - First time mum, Bromley

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"As a first time dad, the world of birth and newborns is alien to me. From a dad's perspective, having Laura as our doula has helped in the following ways :

1. Laura has a very calming influence on anxious parents to be. She is a great listener and has a high level of emotional intelligence.
2. As a dad, it is often difficult to understand the feelings, emotions and physical changes taking place in your partner. And we struggle to figure out how best to support our partner. This is where Laura played an important role to make the transition to Parenthood easier and smoother.
3. Her ability to quickly point parents to the right information resources is invaluable. Think of it as an information aggregator, and one that sifts the opinion from fact
4. As a risk-averse person my mind was thinking of all the permutations of everything that could go wrong - birth and delivery are a complicated thing with many decisions to be made along the way. Laura's strength lies in allays all fears with evidence based research, and a calm approach to decision making. She has been on call supporting us throughout.
5. Once baby is born there are many things that need attention - baby weight gain, jaundice etc. Often the advice is conflicting or not easily implementable (e.g. feeding plans). Laura makes this easier to navigate and make a plan of action.


Her support in the birth and prior to birth convinced me she was the right one for us for post natal support too, supporting not just my partner but me too and of course my baby."

- Sulabh, first time Dad, Bromley

"I was lucky enough to come across Laura’s profile. I had an immediate connection when we first met and felt she understood me. Thanks to her support my postnatal recovery was amazing, she guided me and gave me the confidence I needed after birth not going the way I planned. 

She is full of great advise and common sense and really helped not only me but my husband to stay calm and enjoy those first week.

I would recommend Laura for your postnatal recovery , it’s such an important part of the process of being a parent and for us women we need that extra support.
If anything I would recommend having her during birth which is what I’m going to do next time." - Zayda, first time mum, Uckfield

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"Laura has helped me feel calmer. She gave me reassurance, and some much needed hands off time with the baby that meant I could put my middle child to bed. She also gave me space to just rest my body.

It was so comfortable and easy having Laura in my home. I asked her to let herself in, the kids loved her, and she just saw a job (like getting the laundry in) and just did it. It was like having a second mum helping me.

Laura was definitely the right choice to help me!" - Sophie, third-time mum, West Kent


"We hired Laura as our post-natal doula for the immediate weeks after our baby’s birth in October. It’s difficult to explain how valuable these weeks have been and how much Laura has done for us. Without family in the area, and with a planned Caesarean birth, it was important to me to have an extra set of hands around the house to keep on top of things.. but really having Laura as a post-natal doula became much more.

She is not only knowledgable, practical, reliable and completely trust worthy.. she is incredibly empathetic and kind, always on the end of the phone if you need her (even if it’s just for a bit of reassurance!) and someone that I would now call a friend.

By having her support, she has helped shape such positive memories of my first weeks of motherhood which I will always be so grateful for.

Thank you, Laura! Xx" - Natalie, first time mum, Tunbridge Wells


"We hired Laura for postnatal support after the arrival of our second child. I was nervous about going from 1-2 children and what it would mean juggling 2 under 2, how it would affect the quality time I could spend with my eldest daughter as well as managing the realities of the newborn stage again! Laura’s calming presence allowed me to spend quality time with each of my children individually and help me build confidence to juggle them both on my own.

Her hands on support was great, it was always a joy to open the door to her calm and happy persona but it was the emotional support for me that was key, to have a friendly face to offload to and ask advice and to sound out my thoughts for reassurance enabling me to build confidence to be the best mum I can be to both my girls!


Thank you so much Laura!xx" - Amy, second time mum, Tunbridge Wells

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